How to Capture a Scrolling Screenshot in Windows

Then click on “Bluetooth & other devices” which is displayed in the left pane. Next, click on the Bluetooth button in Action Center to toggle it on or off. On your Windows computer, use the steps above to turn on Bluetooth .

  • In February 2022, it was announced that this restriction will also apply to Windows 11 Pro in the future.
  • If you’re using a Dell laptop or computer and you’re not sure how you can capture your screen on a Dell device, read on.
  • Nowadays, most of the laptops and desktops support screen recording, but the technique to record screen is not the same in all platforms.
  • Launch the application then customize recording preferences in “Settings” at the bottom of the interface.

Allow website access to your microphone and allow the browser to record the screen in the pop-up prompt. You can see that all the main recording functions are available here, while some other sections allow access to exclusive features. Make sure you choose “Filter” from the list of options. The simple interface of the OBS software is a winning feature as it helps users figure out everything quickly. Do you want to record part of screen on Windows 10 or Mac, but you don’t know how?

Taking a Screenshot on Devices Without a Print Screen Key

Then, click on the Stream tab and select the platform to which you want to stream. For example, if you want to stream your video to Facebook, check the box above the Facebook logo. With the Time Limit option, you can pre-set the recording time before you click the broadcom drivers download recording button.

Try OBS Studio for advanced level recording and controlled environment experience. Know the requirements first because I don’t want to waste your time installing, trying and come to the conclusion that you don’t have a computer with decent hardware. I want to inform the readers that I stream on YouTube and used several programs for recording & streaming.

How to screenshot using Windows 10’s print screen button

Click on the button in the bottom left corner to select the audio source. If you’re recording one window, you’ll be prompted to click the window you want to driver solution record, and then click Record. To record sounds coming from your computer (such as in-app sounds), check the ″Default PC Speakers″ box . The video will be saved automatically to your computer’s “Videos” folder. To add audio from the computer, go to the Sources window again, and tap the “+” sign. If you record the monitor that has OBS open, your preview will be an endless chain of recording windows.

If you need to capture everything on your screen in an image, you need to take a screen capture. The standard method to capture the screen is by pressing the “Print Screen” or “Prt Scr” button on your keyboard. If you don’t have this button, or if it does not function properly, you need to use a different method. You can use the Snipping Tool or the Virtual Keyboard. These utilities are included in the Windows operating system.

We already have an in-depth guide in place to help you troubleshoot annoying Bluetooth issues and get it working again. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the guide linked here. Once the pairing process is complete, the pop-up windows will show a message saying, “Your device is ready to go!

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